GingerSnap Rescue was started in January 2017 with one mini pot belly pig (Buddy) that needed a new home after his owner passed away. The ranch started to grow fast with lots of animals and their homes.


Then the 117 Hanover wildfire in April 2018 destroyed most of the ranch, the owner and now founder,  took it as an opportunity to  apply  for a 501(c)3 status to become a non-profit organization. 

The ranch was officially designated as a nonprofit on April 28, 2020. 

As a non-profit organization GingerSnap Rescue Ranch is able to apply for more resources and give more back to the community that has lovingly supported them over the years.

Our Mission

To provide farm animals who have been neglected, abandoned, or can no-longer be cared for by their owners a forever home.


To partner with other organizations, the local community, higher education institutions and students of all ages to give them an opportunity to learn about domestic farm animals via a hands on learning environment that is safe for both the animals and people.

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